Patient feedback and complaints

We welcome comments about our practice and the health services we provide. Anyone who is registered as a patient at our health care practice in Coventry or who has received treatment from us can make a complaint. Where criticism is made we will respond to the complainant and, where necessary, put right what was wrong.

We aim to give the best possible standard of service, both clinical and administrative, at all times. However, there may be times when you feel this has not been achieved.

We operate a NHS complaints procedure to deal with comments, suggestions and complaints about the service we provide. All staff are trained in this procedure and will be happy to give you further information.

We will try to address all your concerns promptly, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be needed to prevent a future occurrence.

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71-77 Wheelwright Lane, Holbrooks, Coventry, CV6 4HN

024 7636 6775

Introducing the Practice

In The Beginning


The practice started at the end of Rotherham Road in Dr White’s garage (now a dental surgery). We moved to Holbrooks Medical Centre (part of the Holbrooks Health Centre) in 1980 with Dr Greenhalgh as Senior Partner before moving to a purpose built site in 1995 (former St Johns Ambulance HQ). Dr Holton became Senior Partner when Dr Greenhalgh passed away in 1992. In 2011 the practice underwent extensive renovations with the practice divided between 2 buildings. Dr Evans became Senior Partner when Dr Holton retired as a GP in 2014; Dr Holton retired completely 2020.

Housing Stock

Holbrooks comprises a Council housing estate to the North, an area of small terraces built by German Prisoners of war in the middle and a newer development on the site of the old dog track to the South. Monks Park comprises council flats for the most part with some newer semi-detached private housing to the West. Whitmore Park comprises larger pre-war terraces and post-war semi-detached houses. Nunts Park comprises mainly semi-detached houses with four streets of smaller terraces. Keresley is a large neighbourhood mainly larger semi-detached and detached housing. Longford and Foleshill comprise some of the oldest industrial terraced housing in the city.

About Our Team

Holbrooks Health team understands the traditional model of care is changing. We understand patient’s needs are changing and this will mean more care needs to be delivered by health care professionals who are not GPs. NHS England-Health Education England are promoting a new kind of multi-skilled team delivering high quality care to patients from their GP practices. Holbrooks Health team is pleased to be developing a “Workforce Transformation” team working with health sector partners to promote up-skilling and diversity of skill within the practice.

Patients will be ‘signposted’ to other health care professionals, such as Clinical Pharmacists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) who are highly skilled and have more time to help patients manage their health. We have extended our team further with the introduction of Paramedic Practitioners who support the NP/ANPs in Acute Illness Clinics and the GPs with Home Visiting.

Partnership of HHT


Dr David Evans -GMC 2648525

Dr David Evans was born in 1957 and is male, British, and qualified in 1980 with Batchelor degrees in medicine and surgery from London University. Before entering general practice he worked for three years in training posts for general practice gaining the MRCGP and DRCOG qualifications in 1984. he has a specialist interest in Diabetes Mellitus and COPD.

Dr Evans is the Complaints Manager for the practice.

Dr Evans has been Senior Partner since 1 January 2015.

Dr Bettina Kleine -GMC 4330712

Dr Bettina Kleine was born in 1959 and is female, and has dual nationality (British and German). She qualified in 1984 and obtained the German postgraduate qualification, equivalent to the British MRCGP in 1990. She has extensive experience in most sub-specialities of Medicine. Her personal interest lies in women’s health, dermatology and paediatrics. Dr Kleine is a GP Trainer supporting GP Registrars and medical students in the practice.

Dr Kleine gained a post-graduate diploma in Medical Ultrasound, DMU, from the University of Central England, Birmingham in 2005 and is the clinical lead for the primary care based diagnostic ultrasound service at the practice (Diagnostic Ultrasound Coventry). She speaks German and some French.

Dr Kleine is the clinical lead for Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding at the practice. She is also the GP Veteran Lead supporting primary health care services for veterans.

Kerry Jane Crutchlow

Kerry joined the practice in 1992 and is now an Executive Partner. She oversees corporate and operational areas and is responsible for governance and legal aspects.

Salaried and Locum GPs

Dr Preetha Thulasidasan -GMC 5192693

Dr Preetha Thulasidasan was born in 1971 and is female. She qualified at the University of Kerala in 1994 with MBBS and joined the practice as a salaried GP in 2012. Dr Thulasidasan has interests in sexual health and family planning. She speaks Malayalam.

Dr Raguram Ramamoorthy -GMC 5197065

Dr Ramamoorthy is male and joined the practice in September 2015. His interests include occupational health.

Dr Alison Smith -GMC 6160453

Dr Alison Smith is female and joined the practice in October 2015. She is a GP Trainer supporting GP Registrars and medical students in the practice.

Dr Mohammed Aqeel -GMC 7488600

Dr Aqeel is male and has recently completed his GP Reg at the practice.

Dr Arshiya - GMC 7464059

Dr Arshiya is female and has recently joined us after completing her GP Reg.

Dr Mihaela Nica - GMC 7307042

Dr Mihaela Nica is an International GP from Romania. She is female and qualified in 2013. Dr Nica is interested in nutrition, complementary medicine and emergency surgery. She speaks Romania, English and Spanish.

Dr Ivy Wilson -GMC 4539841

Dr Ivy Wilson is female and a long term locum who has been working at the practice since 2011.

GP Registrar

We do not currently have a GP Registrar

Students - Medical Students

We routinely facilitate students from Warwick Medical School. Placements differ in duration depending on the year of study.

Our current students are:

Clinical Support

Dr Catherine Harris
  • Medical Officer (Data)

Nurse Team

Skylar Rachel Crutchlow

Skylar is an advanced nurse practitioner with interests in Respiratory Diseases (COPD & Asthma), and Acute Illness Clinics. Skylar is also a Student Nurse mentor, Nurse lead for child protection and Nurse Manager.


Emily Sweet

Emily is a General Practice Nurse with an interest in Heart Diseases. She is also currently studying at Birmingham City University as a new to general practice nurse.

Judy Shaw

Judy is a Nursing Associate with interests in Diabetes and Learning Disabilities.

Di Harrison

Di is a Senior Healthcare Assistant and also the lead for infection control.

Avril Howlett

Avril is an experienced Phlebotomist.

Students - Nurses and Nursing Associates

We routinely facilitate students from Birmingham City and Coventry University. Nursing school students may be on formal placements or smaller ‘spoke’ visits, from one week to ten weeks in duration.

Our current student is

Clinical Pharmacists

Afshan Ghaffar

Afshan Ghaffar is a Clinical Pharmacist who will see and treat patients with minor medical problems or for those with long term or chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, COPD and Heart Disease.

Bal Chagger

Bal Chagger is a Clinical Pharmacist offering Saturday morning clinic for Diabetic patients.

Neeraja Mandava

Neeraja Mandava is a Clinical Pharmacist who will see and treat patients with minor medical problems or for those with long term or chronic conditions

Gerontology Team

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans is a senior ANP who specialises in the care of elderly and frail patients, both those in care/nursing homes and the housebound. She has an interest in Palliative and End of Life Care. Melissa is also a Nurse Mentor.

Orhan Aliosman

Orhan Aliosman has an interest in the care of elderly and frail patients, particularly those in care/nursing homes.

Physician Associate

Najmal Halim

Is male, and works closely with the GP team, seeing both acute and chronic patients.

Suraj Kumar

Is male, and works closely with the GP team, triaging and seeing both acute and chronic patients.

Paramedic Practitioners - Home Visiting Team

  • Nicola Bromell-Pitter

Management Team

Executive Partner

Kerry Jane Crutchlow MA, Chartered FCIPD, FCMI

Corporate Manager

Julie Hadley MCIPD

Gerontology Manager

Melissa Evans MSc

Nurse Manager

Skylar Crutchlow MSc

Patient Services Manager

Mary Newbold (Full details of this service can be found at Diagnostic Ultrasound Coventry)

Business Support Co-ordinator

Tina Yardley

Finance Team

  • Jay Rathod (Finance Administrator)
  • Tracy Brannan (Finance Assistant)

Full Practice Team

Patient Service Assistants
  • Dermot Barnes
  • Emma Arrowsmith
  • Hayley Charley
  • Hayley Miles
  • Irena Johnson
  • Lisa Astell
  • Lucy McDonald
  • Maggie Brown
  • Shania Kimberley
  • Sharon Billingham
  • Sharon Taylor
  • Sukki Kaur
  • Sylvia Boulton
  • Tamsin Mann
  • Terri Peebles
Vulnerable Families Navigator
  • Currently vacant
Cleaning Team
  • Jackie Townsley
  • Renata Gryszkienas
  • Yvonne Hill

Patient Participation Group

We have a small but active team of patients who help us deliver a quality service. They provide their views and ideas to ensure patients are given a voice.

Patient Participation Group Lead
  • Mrs Pip Margerrison
Practice Volunteer
  • Mr Andrew Crutchlow

Pharmacy Team

Holbrooks Pharmacy is an independent business and is accessible from the practice waiting room. Bal Chaggar is an experienced Pharmacist and also manager of the service. Patients are under no obligation to use the Pharmacy though many choose to do so. Holbrooks Pharmacy can order your repeat prescriptions from the practice at any time. They will also arrange home deliveries on request.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Coventry Team


A team of independent contractors with significant NHS and private experience in ultrasonography

Clinical Lead

Dr Bettina Kleine

Patient Care Assistant (Clinical)
  • Emma Arrowsmith
  • Hayley Miles
  • Lucy McDonald
  • Maggie Brown
  • Sharon Billingham
  • Sukki Kaur
  • Terri Peebles
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