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We welcome comments about our practice and the health services we provide. Anyone who is registered as a patient at our health care practice in Coventry or who has received treatment from us can make a complaint. Where criticism is made we will respond to the complainant and, where necessary, put right what was wrong.

We aim to give the best possible standard of service, both clinical and administrative, at all times. However, there may be times when you feel this has not been achieved.

We operate a NHS complaints procedure to deal with comments, suggestions and complaints about the service we provide. All staff are trained in this procedure and will be happy to give you further information.

We will try to address all your concerns promptly, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be needed to prevent a future occurrence.

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  • Such a good surgery

    I was concerned about a problem I had. I rang the surgery and they had no appointments left but gave me a telephone appointment with a doctor. I spoke to the doctor who was so understanding and suggested I came to the surgery to see him. I am impressed with the care that was shown to me. Nowadays doctors surgeries are getting such a bad press and only the negatives are being shown.

  • Clinical Pharmacist great idea

    I had a visit to see the clinical pharmacist for my medication review, she was extremely helpful and even helped me with my chest infection. I did not need to make another appointment and saved me time. This is a really helpful service in getting access at the surgery.

    - Carol
  • Clinical Pharmacist is dedicated and excellent

    I had visited this surgery on many occassions and it was when I met the clinical pharmacist I had my problem sorted. I felt she listened and went through my concerns and dedicated her time in getting me seen by the hospital. I was admitted to hospital and her recommendations as to what I needed were excellent. She monitored me and saved my kidney. She even stopped some of my medications and I am feeling much better. She is an asset to the surgery and very committed to looking after patients.

    I will be seeing her again.

  • Fantastic service today

    I contacted my GP practice at approx 4pm today due to a family member having a mental health issue. After explaining the circumstances we were given an appointment for the same day. The GP we saw was fantastic - very supportive and helpful. I would like to say thank you for such fantastic support and advice today, it has been truly appreciated.

    - Lisa
  • Hi all, Staff from Holbrooks Health Team, served a "Winter Warmer Lunch with food donated by Tesco, for those getting on in years. Highlight was a visit from Whitmore Park school choir who brought a Christmas song delight along with them.

    Thanks to Ben & the felowship from Holbrooks Evenagelical Church for the use of their lovely church hall. That definaletly gets the three brill award. Brill, brill & brill.

    Happy Christmas everyone.

    - Philip Grierson
  • I have been sent to your practice twice this week for scans and blood TESTs. I found your practice to be efficient, welcoming and helpful. I am currently enrolled with a GP in Earlsdon (even though I live in Stoke Green) but I work two minutes from your Practice. How do I go about transferring my doctors to yourselves? Thank you in advance.

    - Kay
  • Message from Gerri Nevin, Associate Professor- Head of Department Pre- Qualifying Healthcare Practice, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Birmingham City University

    We have been running some simulations at West Midlands Fire Service Safe Side facility over the last couple of weeks. One of the scenarios is a long term condition, hypertension. This is based at a GP surgery, where the patient attends the hypertension clinic. He has ignored letters sent to him requesting his attendance for the last 18 months. I have facilitated this scenario and it is very clear which students have had General Practice Nurse experience. The communication skills and the level of knowledge is really good. The patient’s role was played by a role player and could be very difficult to get any information out of, but the students knew how to approach him and gain his confidence.

    Jane (Tullet, Head of Dept, Birmingham City University), I thought you would like some feedback. Please share this with colleagues and give them our thanks for supporting our students.

  • My right knee was giving me a bit of "gip" so came yesterday afternoon to see Dr Butt. My expression is one of true experience, both at HHT as well as at UHCW where I have already posted a view. I was there at 8.30am, x-ray all done by 9, so had had my breakfast there. It made all the difference going before the bus-pass threshold time of 9.30am.

    - P Grierson
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