Patient feedback and complaints

We welcome comments about our practice and the health services we provide. Anyone who is registered as a patient at our health care practice in Coventry or who has received treatment from us can make a complaint. Where criticism is made we will respond to the complainant and, where necessary, put right what was wrong.

We aim to give the best possible standard of service, both clinical and administrative, at all times. However, there may be times when you feel this has not been achieved.

We operate a NHS complaints procedure to deal with comments, suggestions and complaints about the service we provide. All staff are trained in this procedure and will be happy to give you further information.

We will try to address all your concerns promptly, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be needed to prevent a future occurrence.

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The BMA and LMCs produce guidance to GPs regarding the participation in non-NHS work, and the suggested fees for some areas such as those from Government Agencies. For other requests GPs have the right to decline this work or make charges. All fees are reviewed annually and are clearly published on the practice website.

Access to Medical Records Fees 2021

Access to records under Data Protection Act Who Pays Charges
Computerised records* Patient up to £12.00
Manual records or combination of manual/computer records* Patient /Solicitor up to £50.00 65p per page
Administration Charge for sending by recorded delivery* Patient /Solicitor £12.00

*There is no charge for access to medical records since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018. However, where requests are considered excessive or have been duplicated - in accordance with the ‘reasonableness’ test - the above charges may apply.

Adoption and Fostering Fees 2021

Adoption and Fostering Fees Who Pays Charges
Form IHA Initial Health Assessment **Adoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by the adoption/fostering agency £68.00
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reports * £68.00
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of child * £112.50
Form AH Health assessment, Prospective carer * £98.00
Form AH2 Update report, parent/carer * £38.00
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration form) * £102.00
Examination of children in /for care-first exam * £85.00
Subsequent exam * £38.00
Freedom from infection for children in care * £38.00

*Adoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by the adoption/fostering agency

Certificates and Forms Fees 2021

Certificates and forms Who Pays Charges
Application For Naturalisation as a British Citizen - form AN from the UK Border Agency Patient - bring photograph £26.50
Freedom from infection certificate Patient £26.50
Letter re medical fitness (including exercise, travel etc) Patient £38.00
Private Fit Note (any fit note within 7 days is private) Patient £26.50
Provident Association claim form (e.g. BUPA/PPP) Patient £38.00
School fees insurance claim form Patient £38.00
Fitness for sport, school, university, etc Patient £26.50
PADI Fitness for Diving Medical Statement Patient £63.00
Reference Patient £38.00
Private prescription Patient £26.50

Driving Fees 2021

Driving Who Pays Charges
Full physical medical examination and report, eg HGV, PSV, some minicab applications Patient £112.50
Limited physical examination (eg BP check & Vision check) with report eg London Taxi & Private Hire Medical Declaration Patient £88.00
Report no examination (20 to 30 mins) Patient £68.00
Extract from records (15 mins) Patient £52.50
Seat belt exemption Patient £68.00
Elderly driver certificates Patient £68.00
Driving licence photograph Patient £26.50
PCV/LGV driver Patient/Employer £112.50

Employment Fees 2021

Employment - Private Who Pays Charges
Full medical with report or certificate (private/insurance - 45mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £175.00
Report without examination (private/insurance -30mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £125.00
Report on Pro-forma (20mins) Patient/Employer/Insurance £85.00
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min) Employer £68.00
Certificate of Incapacity - this can include at the GP's discretion - a To Whom It May Concern letter with brief details of a patient's medical condition Patient £38.00

Health/Capacity Fees 2021

Certificates and forms Who Pays Charges
Assessment of Mental Capacity - Basic Form < 20 mins £125.00
Assessment of Mental Capacity - Complex Form > 20 mins £225.00
COP3 Report £85.00
COP3 Examination £175.00
POA Examination and Certificate £85.00
Witnessing POA £43.00
Coroner’s Report £70.00
Criminal Injuries CICA £42.50

Insurance Fees 2021

Insurance (Sickness) Who Pays Charges
Examination and report Insurance Company/Patient £175.00
Extract from records (15 mins) Insurance Company/Patient £68.00
Certificate of Incapacity Insurance Company/Patient £38.00
Insurance Claim form completion Patient £38.00

Insurance Fees 2021

Insurance (Accident) Who Pays Charges
Examination and report Insurance Company/Patient £175.00
Report without examination. Medical opinion to be included at GP's discretion. Insurance Company/Patient £112.50
Report on pro forma (20 mins) Insurance Company/Patient £85.00
Extract from records Insurance Company/Patient £68.00
Short certificate Insurance Company/Patient £26.50

Paternity/DNA Fees 2021

Private Patient Services Who Pays Charges
For making all necessary arrangements (where the patient has not done themselves) Patient £19.00
For making any further enquires on behalf of the patient Patient £19.00
For taking 1st sample from first subject Patient £19.00
For taking 1st sample each other subjects Patient £9.00
For taking more samples from each subject - One sample Patient £19.00
For taking more samples from each subject - Two samples Patient £28.00
For taking more samples from each subject - Three samples Patient £45.00

Travel Fees 2021

Travel Abroad Who Pays Charges
Pregnant Woman's Medical Certificate Attesting Fitness to Fly noting their good health and indicating the baby's expected date of birth Patient £26.50
Fitness to travel certificate - pre-existing illness Patient £38.00
Vaccination certificate Patient £26.50
Holiday cancellation simple certificate Insurance Company/Patient £26.50
Holiday cancellation insurance claim Insurance Company/Patient £38.00
Simple letter detailing prescription medicines with Surgery stamp Patient £26.50
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