School children, coronavirus and lack of local testing

We have been receiving a significant number of phone calls from parents whose children have (1) been sent home from school due to school/year closures; (2) been sent home from school due to symptoms of coronavirus. Can we ask patients not to make these calls to the GP practice – we have limited staff taking phone calls due to Covid Secure working and these calls are placing unnecessary burdens on an already stretched service.

There are reports that access to testing locally is proving difficult and that parents have been advised by their schools to make contact with their GP – THIS IS NOT CORRECT GUIDANCE and we have asked for Head teachers locally be to be updated officially regarding this incorrect advice.

In the event that a child has symptoms of coronavirus – the advice is to self isolate and arrange a test; the absence or delay to any test will mean the child and their family will need to self isolate for 14 days. The GP cannot provide any access to fast track testing.

If a child has symptoms of coronavirus and is unwell then they will be referred to a Hot Hub appointment to be triaged/seen by a GP who is trained to see patients who may also have symptoms of coronavirus. Under no circumstances will any patient with known symptoms of coronavirus be seen in the GP practice.