Patients who are self isolating or who are living with family members who are self isolating MUST NOT attend the practice. The guidance remains that you must stay at home and arrange a Covid 19 test. In the event that a test is not immediately available you MUST remain at home and continue to self isolate. This includes any children.

If you have a medical problem, you should contact the practice via the phone and a triage appointment will be made for you. If the GP feels you need to be seen they will arrange a safe appointment for you to be seen/assessed by GP trained to see patients at risk of Coronavirus. You will NOT be asked to attend the practice.

It is really important that we all follow the guidance. Again this week we have seen patients provide dishonest answers to the Covid secure questions to gain access to a health care professional. This has resulted in rooms being quarantined, and unnecessarily increased anxiety levels amongst our team.

Any patient who deliberately behaves in this manner will be removed from the list at this practice – everyone must act in a manner that does not cause any harm or detriment to anyone.