Information around the Coventry Hub for coordination of support to people on the shielded list

There are approximately 4,800 people on the current shielding list for Coventry.  Anyone on the shielded list who cannot access support from their local networks or online sources can register for additional support with food, medicines or social contact by signing up at the national web portal

The Coventry Operation Shield Hub is based at the Alan Higgs Centre with support coordinated by CV Life, our local leisure provider.  Hub staff are in the process of contacting people on the list to identify those that need support and assist them signing up to the national platform where relevant.  Local information on sign ups to the platform is shared with the Hub by the national team on a daily basis.  Over 800 people in Coventry have already flagged themselves through the national portal as requiring our support and the Hub team are working hard to deliver support as required.