In order to remain as operational as possible we have had to make changes to the way our entire team works almost every week. It is to the credit of this team that we have been able to balance the needs of our patients whilst keeping our staff safe.

We thought you may be interested to see an example of our current working model to give you an idea of what it takes to function adequately in a GP practice during this crisis.

GPs have been split into several groups: those that triage patient’s calls (some of these are being done from GP homes in case we need to rota GPs due to illness), those that carry out patient home and care home visits, those that complete essential administration including reading path lab results. We also have a GP presence in the practice to see patients who need to be seen with no known respiratory systems, and a GP ‘runner’ ready to adapt to any role depending on need. Soon a GP will need to attend a ‘Hot Hub’ location in Coventry to assist in seeing patients with suspected Covid symptoms. This is a huge effort by the GPs but they are committed to working in the best interests of our patients.