Yesterday our hub (GP practices of GP Connect PCN) reached 11,000 vaccinations.  What an achievement since 15 January 2021.  12 practices working together tirelessly to manage the balance of vaccine deliveries with booking appointments for patients in their cohorts.  This has been a phenomenal  achievement which we could not have done alone.  Additionally the tremendous support from volunteers has been inspirational, standing for hours on end, in the cold, rain and snow, directing traffic, helping patients into and out of wheelchairs – the entire programme could not have achieved what it has without these volunteers.

For Holbrooks Health team, Our nurse team, our gerontology team and even our GPs have helped with vaccinating.  Staff on the phones booking appointments and providing advice to all patients (not just the practices).  We too are hopeful of the light at the end of this very long tunnel where everyone can look back over this time, not just for the sadness and difficulties but for the successes they have all achieved.