What a great team this practice is! Whilst only a proportion are on the premises (practising social distancing) many are at home, taking your calls and providing the reassurance you need.

On what would have been a welcome Bank Holiday we are working normally as part of the shared efforts to provide essential health care to our patients in these difficult times. How ironic we find ourselves today reflecting not only on the hardships, difficulties and pain many have shared during this pandemic, but we have time to consider some of the parallels 75 years ago across the world. Much is talked about in terms of our resolve, our compassion and our resolute determination to not only get through the pandemic but to remember and hold dear what is truly important in life!

The staff wanted to participate in VE Day celebrations, and have decorated the practice to share with our patients who are not here to see. ‘Ration’ boxes have been organised for each member of staff working today, although they are somewhat more indulgent that they would have seen in 1945!

To our patients, we hope you are able to enjoy today and the rest of the weekend – keeping safe!