GP practices are facing challenges

  • Funding cuts: Over the past five years, GP practices have lost over £660 million. This limits our ability to hire more doctors and staff.
  • Limited resources: We currently receive just £107.57 per patient annually, which is less than the cost of a TV license and barely enough to cover the daily cost of an apple per patient.
  • Impact on care: This lack of funding strains our resources and makes it harder to see everyone who needs us. Our dedicated GP team is tired and stretched thin.

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What we need:

  • Fairer funding: We believe general practice deserves a larger share of NHS resources. This would allow us to:
    • Train and hire more GPs.
    • Offer the services you need.
    • Make it easier to schedule appointments.

By working together, we can ensure everyone receives the care they deserve. 

Published: Jun 21, 2024